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    Welcome to our world. To your world. A world in which we make television without spelling mistakes. Because we love TV. We like to have fun. We like to imagine. We like to work. We are new, but you already know us. We have been at this for many years. We have made a lot of noise before and we will do it again. Because we are not just another (production) company. We are BETA. Bold. Fun. Unpredictable. Optimistic. Independent. Sociable. Creative. Rigorous. Different. And full of energy. This is how we are. Welcome to a TV without complexes. Welcome to the entertainment and fiction of Beta Entertainment Spain.



    In the past, although we come from the monkey, we have been so competent that we have evolved to a higher stage: the Beta phase.

    BETA SPAIN is a joint venture launched in 2019 by the independent European film and television giant BETA FILM and producer Javier Pérez de Silva. Beta Film has been associated with the rise of Spanish television fiction since its inception, distributing and co-producing key television dramas such as Gran Hotel, Velvet and Fariña (ATRESMEDIA), Tres Caminos (AMAZON PRIME VÍDEO) or El Embarcadero, La Zona or La Unidad (MOVISTAR PLUS), among many others. BETA announced in 2019 a multi-year distribution and production alliance with leading Spanish platform MOVISTAR PLUS, which guarantees international distribution rights to MOVISTAR's original series, as well as the co-production of specific titles.

    The company, now also established in Spain, headed by Javier Pérez de Silva and Christian Gockel as CEOS, has highly prestigious professionals in the Spanish audiovisual sector who have been working together for more than 15 years in the best formats in recent times: Survivors, Farmer wants a wife, Super Shore, Los Gipsy Kings, X Factor, Temptation Island, Fame and Pekin Express among others.

    The strength of the BETA ENTERTAINMENT SPAIN team is based on trust. Working from a multidisciplinary approach based on his vast experience in entertainment programs, current affairs and fiction series. It is capable of either performing production services, adapting an international format, and creating new formats taking advantage of all its expertise and background.

    Las oficinas de nuestra productora audiovisual se sitúan en Madrid, pero ofrecemos servicios de producción de televisión para clientes de todo el mundo.

    +34 91 664 54 62
    Calle Hermosilla, 102, 1ºC – 28009 – MADRID – SPAIN

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