CADENA: Canal Sur Televisión
Nº DE CAPÍTULOS: 8 x 70’
GENRE: Docureality series
SUBGENRE:Friendship. Nature. Discovery. Adventure. Effort. Adapting.

Ártico takes us to the heart of Greenland, which is at the northernmost point on Hearth. A place whose extreme conditions scares the most experienced explorers. Getting there is not easy. Surviving on ice is impossible. Despite this, a group of brave Andalusians, Spaniards, are going to face the second most important challenge of their lives. Because they have already overcome the first one: cancer.
Eight kids, between the ages of 15 and 18, are the protagonists in this 2021 Arctic expedition, Operation Nunatak. Its members will try to survive during a month in the coldest place on Earth, in the zero zone of climate change in the world; they want to arrive to the center of the ice cap, that covers the North Pole in Greenland. They have no experience as expedition members. But they do as survivors. And want to demonstrate it to Spain and the world with a clear message: it´s possible.