CADENA: Mediaset y Amazon Prime Video
Nº OF EPISODES:: 4 x 45’
GENRE: Documentary series.
SUBGENRE: Drama. Docureality. Music. Self-discovery.

In “El principito es Omar Montes”, the singer opens up the most intimate door of his life. How has been his journey from his humble neighborhood Pan Bendito? How does he handle his vertiginous rise to fame? Who is the person behind the artist we know? For the first time, the most listened singer in our country opens up to remember and tell with his own words the story of his life. A pathway full of obstacles, in which he, after numerous falling downs, has always figured out a way to be successful.
In this docuseries, we join Omar in an exciting and captivating journey of self-discovery through the moments and places that have had an impact on his life. During the process, with on site interviews, reality recordings and eye-catching fictional reenactments, his “artist shell” will be removed layer by layer to get to know the person behind the celebrity of the moment. Before the money, fame, and success arrived. We´ll discover all about Omar.