Nº OF EPISODES:: 8 x 50’
GENRE: Drama
SUBGENRE:Friendship. Freestyle. Success. Rivalry. Demand. Love.

Gallos is the story of an unexpected, impossible, passionate and epic friendship between Dani and Trueno, two 17 year old’s that come from completely opposite worlds, that will take place during the national and international Red Bull Batalla de Gallos championships.
This series follows two stories, friendship and the freestyle competition, freestyle which are actually the same: Dani and Trueno competing. For winning, for living… for whatever… Dani comes from a rich family, with that added pressure. He finds in Trueno, a street boy, an exit from his complicated and tormented life. Trueno will give him away his own place in the rap´s world, and little by little, almost without realizing it, Dani will gradually remove his place and end up replacing him. The friendship story that joined them will become a story of rivalry, that will separate them. Forever?