Nº OF EPISODES:: 8 x 30’
GENRE: Action Thriller
SUBGENRE: Action. Love. Thriller. Violence. Drama.

Gatos is the story of five youngsters, Gato the leader and four more friends, who seven years ago used to walk the tightrope to survive in their neighborhood, in the South of Madrid. His bet was parkour. They used it to get by as they could. They stole, worked, played, helped others, smuggled… they traded with everything. But a serious accident ended that lifestyle and changed their future forever. They lost two of their own and were caught by the police.
Now, after serving two years in prison, Gato finally has gone out of jail and a new gang of thieves threatens the city. They are parkour experts as well. Very stealthy, agile and violent. The police are unable to hunt them down, that’s why they ask for help to the only ones who can do it: the Gatos. What no one knows is that behind the new gang there is a passionate hidden story about heartbreak, betrayal and hunger for power that will change the life of Gato and his friends again. Can they redeem their past and become the heroes that the city needs?