EMISIÓN: 2015 – 2021
CADENA: Cuatro
GENRE: Factual
SUBGENRE: Road Trip. Aventura. Docu-reality. Amor. Amistad. Familia. Feelgood.

A format that does not need introductions. That has been reaping audience successes since 2015. This now famous docu-reality shows the life of different gypsy families spread throughout the national territory. Las Salazar, Los Jiménez, Los Fernández Navarro, Los Montoya and Los Heredia were already great characters at the beginning. And now, after 6 seasons on screen occupying Mediaset's prime time, they’ve become true television icons. They are a brand themselves and have become part of the collective imagination of all viewers. With her adventures and misadventures, told in the purest style of "it seems that I don't record you, but I'm recording you." This is a format that has its own rules and characters, that is, it creates its own universe. And it's cool. An established, fun program that has given us some of the wildest spin-offs on television. Long live Los Gipsy Kings!