Nr of episodes: 8 x 50’
Genre: Paranormal
Sub-genre: Thriller. Action. Eighties. Twenties (yesterday and today).

At the beginning of the 1980s, a Jesuit priest from a good family, who is losing faith, attends the first psychophony in Spain and receives a message from the "beyond" of his niece, who committed suicide a year ago. After praying for her every day during those 12 months, the message that the priest receives is shocking: "PRAY NO MORE." That fact causes him to regain faith and recruit a multidisciplinary group of seven sceptics to investigate unexplained events. This is the true story of how the Hepta Group was formed. And this is the fiction of the case that would mark their lives forever: the Híjar case.

An Aragon town anchored in the past. Families facing each other since the Civil War. An evil spirit has all the inhabitants terrified. Hundreds of supernatural phenomena and a curse: the children disappear the day they turn 10 years old. The inhabitants can no longer bear the terror. And they call the group. When the 7 begin to investigate, in the first psychophony they perform, they find something unexpected. When rewinding the tape ... the priest hears a chilling voice, with a warning that chills his blood: "PRAY NO MORE."