Nº OF EPISODES:: 8 x 45’
GENRE: Documentary series.
SUBGENRE: Sustainability. Gastronomy. Journey. Discovery. Feelgood.

Chef of the Waste waste is a documentary series in which a young biologist and ecologist learns how to cook “wasted food” with the help of some of the best chefs in Europe to teach the world that food can also be reused.
Each episode will take place in a European country. Spain, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland and Hungary are the selected countries to complete the first season. Each episode will focus on a single category of food (fish, vegetables, legumes, pasta…) from which each of the chosen chefs is an expert in their treatment and preparation.
In addition to the chef´s interviews and the coexistence in their restaurant, each episode be completed with other characters involved in activities or projects related to food sustainability and the environment.